A New Class of Cell Therapy Manufacturing

A graphic of a scaled up microfluidic chip with a round wafer full of smaller microfluidic chips in the background. orange cells are shown flowing from one side of the large chip to the other as they pass under a chevron shaped ridge.

Deliver a wide range of payloads, with even the most complex editing protocols

Cell Health and Yield

  • Rapid cell recovery
  • Robust cell expansion
  • Phenotype preservation

Universal Payload

  • Complex editing
  • Sequential editing
  • Large payload delivery

Streamlined Workflow

  • Simple processing
  • Easy to integrate
  • No buffers or additives required

Seamless Scalability

  • No optimization required
  • Consistent cell experience
  • Highest quality results at all scales

Our method

  • Millions of cells flow simultaneously through microfluidic channels
  • They pass under a chevron-shaped ridge at high speeds
  • This change in channel size leads to rapid cellular compression, causing a decrease in cell size
  • Upon re-expansion the target payload is actively transported into the cell
Two scientists wearing CellFE labcoats are working at a lab bench with a CellFE instrument in front of them. The female scientist is operating the instrument by pressing the touchscreen.