What We Stand for Drives Us Forward

5 different images are shown instead 5 cells. The the left top image show a woman in a lab coat pipetting inside a fume hood. The right top image shows a man pointing to an instrument as others watch and listen. The middle image shows three people laughing and talking at a coffee table. The bottom left image showed a young woman writing on a white board. The bottom right image shows two men talking to one another.

Our Values

We are a passionate, diverse, and multidisciplinary team committed to supporting the growth and development of our employees.

Cartoon of image of a head with a light bulb appearing above it inside a thought cloud.

There is a Way

With unwavering ambition, our team dedicates themselves to the pursuit of excellence, transforming ambitious goals into tangible results

Two cartoon people high fiving.

Pull Together

We strive to improve patients’ lives, by working together to overcome hurdles in cell therapy.

Cartoon person cheering as the get to the flag at the top of several steps.

Hard Work

Our team is committed to making a meaningful impact on lives through our advancements in cell therapy manufacturing.

Life at CellFE

Team sitting together and looking at new technology
Smiling scientist in a CellFE lab coat sitting at a lab bench in lab.
people sitting, smiling, and talking to one another in a lounge space with couches and chairs.
Woman working on a computer
Woman doing work in the lab

Dedication to Reach New Heights

I joined CellFE in 2021 and was immediately struck by the camaraderie here and the dedication to reach new heights in innovation as a team. CellFE has always offered numerous opportunities for me to hone my professional expertise and further define my personal goals to create a more holistic impact with my work.

Senior Research Associate

Melis K.

Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

I’m inspired by our leadership’s unwavering commitment to innovation and diligent focus toward accomplishing the highest quality in cell therapy manufacturing. We are setting a new standard for excellence in our industry.

Senior Field Applications Scientist

Krishna V., PhD

Passion and Drive

As a founding employee at CellFE, I’ve been privileged to see this team grow exponentially over the past year. The passion and drive each team member brings to the table every day inspires not only me, but also our partners.

Head of Engineering

Sewoon H., PhD

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