The Infinity Advantage

A circular icon showing a cartoon cell being gently held by a hand. A checkmark appears in the top right.

Gentle process

Healthy, engineered cells recover quickly for downstream applications

A circular cell icon showing a nucleus with mRNA strands and payload next to it inside the cell A checkmark appears in the top right.

Reliable delivery

Transfects even the most challenging cell types with a wide range of payloads

A circular icon showing a collection of multiple cartoon cells. A checkmark appears in the top right.

Exceptional performance

High yields of transfected cells that exhibit high proliferative capacity

A circular icon showing an arrow doing to the right, then down, then right again in a step-like fashion. A checkmark appears in the top right.

Streamlined workflow

Easy to optimize with no requirement for specific media, buffers, or chemical additives

Two side by side photos of CellFE's Infinity MTx instrument. The left image shows the front with the tray closed. The right image shows the instrument angles to the right, with the tray open and an microfluidic processing assembly placed in the tray. Both instruments have touchscreen that reads Infinity MTx Cellular Engineering Platform.

Optimize your protocol

The Infinity™ Optimizer MPA consists of processing units with increasing ridge gap sizes  and is used to optimize operating parameters to a specific workflow.

Scale with consistency

The standard Infinity™ MPA consists of microfluidic chips of a single ridge gap size and is used for standard transfection protocols once optimal parameters have been established.

Two scientists wearing CellFE labcoats are working at a lab bench with a CellFE instrument in front of them. The female scientist is operating the instrument by pressing the touchscreen.