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CellFE platform enables microfluidic Transfection of mRNA into T cells and HSPCs

Scientific Publications

ALAMEDA, Ca., November 24, 2021 – CellFE, a microfluidics-based biotech startup based out of Alameda, CA, has recently had an article published in Scientific Reports. The article, cited below, focuses on the use of a novel microfluidics platform to successfully achieve the transfection of mRNA into T-cells, particularly through volume exchange for convective transfection (VECT). The delivery of mRNA offers a distinct advantage in gene therapy via the potential to achieve transient therapeutic efficacy without risking the integration of an exogenous DNA sequence into the host genome. The research article suggests that CellFE’s microfluidic platform may address current pain points in the market for ex vivo gene therapies, as results demonstrated successful operation across a wide range of cell types (including T cells, NK cells, and HSPCs) and payload concentrations and achieved no negative impact on T cell function.

The primary authors of the article are senior research associate Jocelyn Loo and microfluidics engineer Ian Sicher, MEng, and includes contributions from Ailin Goff, Ockchul Kim, MEng, Nicole Clary, Alexander Alexeev, PhD, Todd Sulchek, PhD, Alla Zamarayeva, PhD, Sewoon Han, PhD and Miguel Calero-Garcia, PhD. This research showcases the collaborative efforts of both the R&D and Engineering teams at CellFE Biotech.

Alla Zamarayeva, PhD, co-founder and CEO spoke about the significance of the research, “The use of mRNA as a means to deliver high concentrations of payload to cells has been a long standing pain point in the gene therapies market. We are enthused about this research as it indicates that CellFE’s platform may ‘unlock’ the potential of mRNA as delivery method for a variety of payloads amongst a range of cells, without damage to overall cell function.”

The full research article can be read here.

Full article citation

Loo, J., Sicher, I., Goff, A. et al. Microfluidic transfection of mRNA into human primary lymphocytes and hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells using ultra-fast physical deformations. Sci Rep 11, 21407 (2021).

About CellFE

CellFE is a venture-backed company with a mission to make advanced therapies accessible to all by transforming the way gene therapies are manufactured. The company uses a microfluidics-based cell engineering platform that can be adapted universally to enable low-cost, high-yield manufacturing of gene therapies at scale. 

CellFE’s executive team is composed of members who bring strong expertise in the theoretical and practical aspects of the technology, as well as experience in leadership and business operations. CellFE’s research and development efforts are led by world-class scientists who are passionate about using microfluidics to transform how gene therapies are manufactured.