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CellFE co-founder Todd Sulchek, PhD presented at Cellicon Valley ‘21


Todd Sulchek, PhD, Co-founder of CellFE and Head of the Sulchek BioMEMS & Biomechanics Lab at Georgia Tech, will be participating as a speaker at Cellicon Valley ’21: The Future of Cell and Gene Therapies Virtual Symposium on Thursday, May 6th. The virtual conference is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine and features faculty experts and experienced industry professionals from a variety of backgrounds in the gene and cell therapy space.

The symposium is sponsored by Penn Medicine and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who have revolutionized healthcare as the home of the first FDA-approved cell and gene therapies. The approvals of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells offers new treatment options for patients in even the most developed stages of cancer, putting CAR T cells on the cutting edge of immunotherapies. The symposium serves as an excellent opportunity for experts within the cell and gene therapy field to discuss the implementation of new standards in patient care, as well as understand new developments and strategies to improve and evolve the use of CAR T cell therapies.

Dr. Sulchek in particular will be speaking in the Pre-Clinical/Manufacturing Track as an expert in microfluidic and mechanical approaches to cell transfection. The discussion will partly focus on the use of rapid deformations to compress cells and successfully generate active delivery of cargo, while also exploring the practical applications of this phenomena in cell and gene engineering. Additionally, Sulchek and other industry experts will explore the current utilization of this technology with consumable and instrument development, as well as research data relating to the delivery of mRNA, CRISPR/Cas9, and DNA to immune cells and stem cells.

The symposium will be taking place from May 6-7, and will feature voices from many different facets of the cell and gene therapy space. Individuals looking to understand and learn more about current innovative approaches to cell and gene therapy are invited to register for the two-day symposium here.