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CellFE Presents at International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) ‘21


ALAMEDA, Ca., May 7 2021 – CellFE, a cell therapy company developing a microfluidics-based platform for cell engineering, will be presenting a poster at the International Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ISCT) Annual Meeting next week. ISCT is an international collective of experts throughout the cell and gene therapy space, with a shared goal to streamline innovation, share knowledge, and standardize patient care in the future for life-saving therapies and technologies. The conference will host a variety of experts from academia, industry, and partner relations, reflecting ISCT’s greater mission in fostering collaboration to address three key areas of clinical translation: Academia, Regulatory and Commercialization. This year’s meeting serves as an excellent opportunity to hear from industry and academic leaders in the field, and better address new research emerging from the gene and cell therapy space, as well as potential uses and standardization of patient care in the future.

The poster presented by the CellFE team will focus on the advantages of using CellFE’s volume exchange for convective transfection (VECT) microfluidic platform to effectively transfect payload into human primary cells. In particular, the data presented reflects the successful use of CellFE’s technology to effectively transfect CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) while tracking its delivery into the cell using fluorescence microscopy, as well as induce knockouts at the TRAC locus in αβ T cells over a wide operational range with preserved cell functionality. The data produced by this study confirms the functionality of CellFE’s patented microfluidic technology as an effective method for transfection of different payloads into live cells.

CellFE encourages individuals with an interest in gene and cell innovation to find the details of the poster below, as well as view the poster and the associated abstract. Readers can also login and register for the event here.

Poster Title: Transfecting αβ T Cells with CRISPR-Cas9 RNP Using a Novel Microfluidic Platform

Primary Author: Benjamin Chang

Poster Access: here

About CellFE

CellFE is a venture-backed company with a mission to make advanced therapies accessible to all by transforming the way gene therapies are manufactured. The company uses a microfluidics-based cell engineering platform that can be adapted universally to enable low-cost, high-yield manufacturing of gene therapies at scale. 

CellFE’s executive team is composed of members who bring strong expertise in the theoretical and practical aspects of the technology, as well as experience in leadership and business operations. CellFE’s research and development efforts are led by world-class scientists who are passionate about using microfluidics to transform how gene therapies are manufactured.

Nicole Clary